Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Qualities Possessed by Me

Qualities possessed by V M Sai Venkatesh:

I have conducted several events which involves the various Microsoft technologies. I have effective communication skill and verbal skills. Also I am passionate about all new emerging technologies.

                        Usually I  share the emerging technologies with my college students in an effective manner. I am  also capable of handling a crowd of nearly 300-400 students and also extremely organised, also very active in nature. I am also capable of working in a team and co-ordinating all the activities in his team. Also able to effect the multi-task to ensure that all the works are completed in a timely manner.

                   Adding I am  very much innovative, reliable, patient, prepared and knowledgeable. I am creative minded and well-versed in programming skills.

I also have worked with Microsoft Blend technologies and taught to my pals.

I am learning New Microsoft technologies at

Currently I am working for Windows8/8.1 App development. One of my app is also been published on Windows store.

Now I have developed an office app  "Love Clac Store" and will be published soon.